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Attendance Requirements

Requirements for School Attendance in Western Australia

The Western Australian school system, of which Catholic Education WA is a part, encompasses Kindergarten (two years prior to Year One) to Secondary schooling. School is compulsory from Pre-Primary (one year prior to Year One) until the end of secondary schooling. The School Education Act (1999) requires compulsory aged students to participate in
the educational program of a school.
Under Section 23 of The School Education Act 1999; A student must on the days on which the school is
open for instruction:
(a) either —
I. attend the school at which he or she is enrolled;
II. otherwise participate in an educational program of the school whether at the school or elsewhere, as required by the principal; or

(b) comply with an arrangement under section 24 (Arrangements Alternative to Attendance).

Attendance is measured as the number of actual fulltime equivalent student days attended by full-time students in Years One to Ten as a percentage of the total number of possible student days. Educational Risk is defined as falling below 90%. Attendance below 90%
can be further divided into the categories of:

• Indicated (80 – 89%)
• Moderate (60 – 79%)
• Severe (< 60%)

If you have any concerns relating to your child’s attendance please do not hesitate to contact the Principal.