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Enrolment Process and Application Forms

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR ALL YEAR LEVELS FOR 2025 – Please contact the school office on 90492100 if you require any further information!

Thank you for your interest in enrolment at St Joseph’s School, Southern Cross. We welcome applicants from both Catholic and non-Catholic families, however, those of non-Catholic origin will, as part of the enrolment process, need to agree to support the Catholic ethos and practice of the school. This involves students participating in Religious Education lessons, as well as events such as Masses and Liturgies.

To begin the application process, please complete the Application for Enrolment Form:  Application for Enrolment K – Year 6  this form can also be obtained from our office.

Once completed, it should be sent, or delivered, to the school and you will be contacted in due course. If you have any questions, please contact the school on (08) 90492 100 and we would be happy to assist.


Catholic schools exist to further the mission of the Church. In Western Australia, the Mandate of the Bishops requires the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia to make Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, as far as resources allow.


  1. Parents need to complete an application form, usually in the year preceding enrolment, however this may vary according to circumstances.
  2. Before an offer of a place is made, prospective students and their parents/guardians shall be interviewed by the Principal, or a member of the school leadership team, as appropriate.
  3. When being interviewed you will be asked to complete a Student Information Form with the Principal.
  4. Enrolment may take place at any year level, Kindergarten to Year 6.
  5. If the parent/guardian has knowingly withheld information relevant to the application and enrolment process, then the Principal reserves the right to refuse, or terminate, enrolment on that ground.
  6. Parents are required to read the “School Fees and Collection Policy” prior to completing the Application for Enrolment form.
  7. Parents are required to complete and sign the completed Enrolment form prior to the student commencing at the school. This is a contractual agreement between the school and the parents and outlines the obligations of parents in return for the enrolment of their child at the school.

When enrolling children in the three-year-old educational program:

  • Children must have attained the age of three.
  • A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate, Immunisation Record, Passport, Visa and Custodial Court Orders are to accompany the Application for Enrolment form.
  •  Acceptance to the 3-Year-Old Program does not guarantee a place at St Josephs beyond this program.
  • If you with your child to be considered for Kindergarten you will need to complete an Application for Enrolment Form.
  • The following entry priorities are taken into consideration for enrolment into this program:
    • Catholic children from the parish with a Parish Priest reference
    • Catholic children from outside the parish with a Parish Priest reference
    • other Catholic children
    • siblings of non-Catholic students
    • non-Catholic children from other Christian denominations
    • other non-Catholic students.


  1. CEWA exists to provide a distinctly Catholic education for children enrolled in Catholic schools.
  2. CEWA recognises the uniqueness of each student.
  3. CEWA promotes justice to all, with due consideration for the diversity of those who are culturally, socially, physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally or spiritually disadvantaged.
  4. CEWA clearly aligns its enrolment policies and practices with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and the Disability Standards for Education 2005 (DSE), and therefore schools are required to consider the rights and protection this legislation affords prospective students, their parents/guardians as well as their own schools (Part 4 Standard for Enrolments).
  5. Financial grounds must never be the reason for the non-enrolment in, or exclusion of, any child from a CEWA school.
  6. CEWA fulfils their mission in partnership with parents, who are the first educators of their children.
  7. Catholic students will be given enrolment preference wherever possible and practicable.
  8. Aboriginal students must be given enrolment preference wherever possible and practicable.
  9. Enrolment in a CEWA school does not guarantee enrolment in any other CEWA school.
  10. Participation in programs run by a CEWA school (e.g., three-year-old programs, out of school hours care) does not guarantee enrolment in any CEWA school

Please find below the Student Enrolment Application Information documents:

Welcome Letter to new Parents

Application for Enrolment K – Year 6

Application for Enrolment – Three Year Olds

K – Yr 6 Enrolment Form

Order Form Uniforms May 2024

School Fees

St-Josephs-School-Fee Setting-and-Collection