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Religious Education

Religious Education is the first learning area in Catholic schools. It enables young people to understand, explain and justify the Christian message as it is handed on by the Catholic church to those who follow Christ in today’s world.

Through Religious Education, students are guided to study, research and learn what the Catholic church teaches about the distinctive vision of how Christian people live.

Students are also directed to a systematic and critical reflection of what it means to be a Catholic.

The Religious Education Program K-12 is compulsory for all years of schooling and is mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia. It contains both the process and content of what is to be taught in Religious Education.
There is a prescribed time allocation for instruction of the Religious Education learning area. In the three and four-year-old program, raising religious awareness is a natural part of the learning experience.
A student in Pre-Primary and Year 1 will receive a minimum of 15 minutes religious education per day and then up to 30 minutes per day for other Primary years.